Tork SS20 18 Hour Digital In-Wall Timer, White


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Tork's in-wall lighting and appliance timers give you a simple way to control automations for your home or office. Multiple control modes and professional-grade accuracy make this a versatile timer for many applications.

• Full Digital Control: The SS20 provides complete control with variable timing increments between 1 minute and 18 hours
• Multiple Applications: Designed to control bathroom fans and lights and indoor/outdoor lighting
• Save Energy: Saves trouble, energy and money by automating your home or business, while also improving security by giving a lived-in look
• Tamper-Resistant: Set the timing interval by using a small screwdriver on the adjustment knob hidden behind the wall plate
• Easy to Install: This in-wall timer does not require a neutral wire, making it a great choice for retrofitting existing switches for automation