Polaris ISRH-750 In-Line Entry Pre-Insulated Connector, 2-Port, 750-1/0 AWG, Black


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Polaris Black Multi-Tap Connectors form secure connections between multiple conductors with a rounded design and UV-resistant insulation coating. Installs with a hex key and torque wrench, with no need for cover and taping.

• In-Line Wire Entry: Form secure connections between conductors quickly using the in-line entry ports
• Ergonomic Design: Rounded corners and a smooth exterior finish over the abrasion-resistant plastisol insulation make Polaris connectors comfortable to grip
• Removable Plugs: Each port and set screw comes with a secure plug to prevent debris from entering the insulated connector
• Pre-filled Oxide Inhibitor: All in-line entry ports come pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor gel to prevent corrosion and provide low-contact resistance
• Professional Performance: Save time and labor when splicing or reducing in-line wires made from copper or aluminum, in a wide range of applications

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