Leviton WMH20-BU1 Hot Water Submeter, 2 Inch, Bronze


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The Bronze Commercial Hot Water Meters allow water to be evenly distributed through multiple inlet ports, flow past an impeller in the measuring chamber and create an impeller velocity directly proportional to water flow rate. The meter's register integrates velocity into totalized flow and can operate up to 194° F (90° C). These meters are ideally suited to applications where there is a need to meter hot water usage to multiple office suites or a commercial/industrial processes from a centralized boiler system. These meters are compatible with popular automated meter reading hardware. Wireless AMR transmitters are easily integrated, eliminating the need for hardwiring to the data collection system.

• Operates up to 194° F (90° C)
• Meets AWWA C-708 standards
• High quality materials engineered for exceptionally long service life
• Durable basket strainer protects the meter from damage
• Reliable magnetic drive provides linkage between measurement element and register - no intermediate gearing is required and no gearing is exposed to water
• Direct read and DIALOG registers are permanently sealed with tempered glass lens, stainless steel base and wraparound gasket to prevent intrusion of dirt and moisture
• Multi-jet adjusting port is sealed to prevent tampering and provides a visual indication of tampering attempts

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