Leviton WMC75-PC1 Cold Water Submeter, 3/4 Inch, Polymer


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The Residential Polymer Water Meters are versatile for residential measurement and verification applications. Along with their compact design, the removable register allows for pressure tests and flush-outs without damaging the internal components. The meters can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions while adhering to AWWA C708 accuracy standards.

• Meets all AWWA standards
• California CTEP approved for both hot and cold applications
• National NTEP approved for both hot and cold applications
• NSF-61-G
• Pulse output
• Designed for water tenant billing applications
• Available wireless AMR solution

• Material: 50% glass-reinforced nylon polymer
• Max flow rate: 20 gpm
• Normal flow range (+/- 1.5%): 1-20 gpm
• Nom flow rate: 15 gpm
• Minimum flow rate: 1/4 gpm
• Maximum work pressure: 150 psi
• Maximum work temperature: 105° F (cold), 160° F (hot)
• Nom pipe size: 0.75 in (1.91 cm)
• Pulse transmitter: 10 gal per pulse

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