Leviton 60P00-000 VerifEye Series 6000 Panel Mount Submeter, Modbus RTU (RS485) Interface


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• Industrial Electrical Load Management
• OEM Panel Shop Applications
• Motor Control Centers
• Portable Power Solutions
• Switchboard and Service Entrance Applications

• Temperature range: 14°F to 158°F (-10 to 70°C)
• 50/60 Hz
• Measurement Voltages: 50-300V L-N, 87-520V L-L, 45-65Hz
• Real-time measurement of electrical values with graphical display
• Power quality analysis of service and loads
• Measurement of active, reactive, and apparent energy
• Alarms features to notify when parameters are outside defined ranges
• Auto-ranging CTs simplify setup and eliminate mistakes
• CT options from 25A to 6000A
• UL Listed
• CE compliant

• Active energy: +/- kWh
• Reactive energy: +/- kvarh
• Apparent power: kVAh
• Multi-tariff (8 max)

• Voltage Imbalance
• Vdir, Vinv, Vhom, Udir, Uinv, Unba, Vnba, Vnb, Unb
• Current unbalance
• Idir, Iinv, Ihom, Inba, Inb
• Total harmonic distortion
• Currents THDi1, THDi2, THDi3,THDiN, TDDI
• Phase-to-neutral voltage THDv1, THDv2, THDv3
• Phase-to-phase voltage THDu12, THDu23, THDu31
• Harmonics - individual values up to the 63rd
• Currents: I1h, I2h, I3h, INh
• Phase-to-neutral voltage: V1h, V2h, V3h
• Phase-to-phase voltage: U12h, U23h, U31h
• Quality events
• Voltage sags, cut-offs and swells EN50160
• Kfactor & Crest factor

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