AlumiConn 95185 Aluminum to Copper 3-Port Electrical Connector, Min. #18 Wire, Max. #10 Wire, Package of 2500 pcs

King Innovation

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• Three ports allow conductors to remain separate, permitting the lug to provide lower resistance, therefore lower temperature, and provide longer-term reliability
• One piece for easy installation
• Secure, mechanical lug designed for aluminum to copper (AL - CU) connections
• AlumiConn design features a tin plated lug with three ports and nickel-plated compression screws
• Versus other products designed for aluminum to copper conductors, AlumiConn is a more cost-effective alternative for replacing aluminum electrical wire systems and offers a solution that makes pig-tailing easier and safer
• AlumiConn is suitable for multiple types of connections including Aluminum to Aluminum, Aluminum to Copper, and Copper to Copper
• Ports of connectors contain a layer of Corrosion Inhibitor that provides resistance from oxidation

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