Juno Lighting IC1LED G4 14LM 30K 90CRI 120 FRPC 4" LED IC New Construction Downlight, 1400 Lumens, 120V Forward/Reverse Phase Cut, 5% Dim, 3000K

Juno Lighting

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Color Temperature:
Forward/Reverse Phase Cut 5%
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• Dedicated LED, Air-Loc sealed new construction housing with integral light engine
• Double wall, shallow housing construction allows for fit in 2 x 6 construction
• Can be completely covered with insulation
• Fully sealed housing stops infiltration and exfiltration of air, reducing heating and air cooling costs without the use of additional gaskets
• LED housing is designed to provide 50,000 hours of life and is compatible with many standard Juno trims
• No harmful ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths
• No lead or mercury, RoHS compliant
• Exceeds performance of a 100W incandescent

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