Elco Lighting EL1494W 4" Adjustable Phenolic Deep Step Baffle Trim, White

Elco Lighting

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• Baffle, 25° tilt
• Lamp: MR16 with GU5.3, GU10, or PSA37
• O.D.: 4 3/4"
• Baffle helps reduce glare
• Clips securely mount trim into the housing and keeps ring flush with ceiling

Compatible Housings
• 4" Dedicated LED with PSA37: EL49FICA, EL490ICA, EL490RICA, EL492ICA, EL492RICA
• 4" LED Bi-Pin Low Voltage MR16 Housings with LED MR16 Bi-Pin GU5.3 Lamp: EL1499LDICA, EL1499LDICEA, EL1499LDRICA, EL1499LDRICEA
• 4" Bi-Pin Low Voltage MR16 Housings with MR16 Bi-Pin GU5.3 Lamp: EL1499ICA, EL1499ICA-277, EL1499ICEA, EL1499ICA-L, EL1499IC20A, EL1499IC35A, EL1499ICAS, EL1499ICEAS, EL1499A, EL1499EA, EL1499-277A, EL1499-20A, EL1499-75A, EL1499RA, EL1499REA, EL1499AJICEA, EL1499R-75A, EL1499S, EL1499ES, EL1499RS, EL1499RES
• 4" LED MR16 GU10 Housings for Use with GU10 LED Lamp: EL49FICA-GU10, EL49LDICA, EL49LDICA-7, EL49LDICAS, EL49LDRICA
• 4" MR16 GU10 Housings for use with GU10 MR16 Lamp: EL49FICA-GU10, EL49ICA, EL49A, EL49RA

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